Things to See and Do in Warsaw, Poland

There are many things to see and do in Warsaw. You can check out Skaryszew Park, the Royal Castle, museums, and concert halls. If you have more time to spend, you can try visiting the zoo and National Museum. These two museums are very popular and should be on your list when visiting Warsaw.

Skaryszew Park

Skaryszew Park was founded in 1905 and was known as Paderewski Park until the Second World War. Located near the city center, the park features a number of points of interest. Among these are a memorial to Allied pilots, situated at the site of a B24 bomber crash that killed all but one of its crew members. It is where the British Embassy holds its annual Remembrance service.

There’s no shortage of things to do in Warsaw. If you’re looking to learn about Polish history, consider taking an informative tour of the city’s Jewish Quarter. Before WWII, this area was the center of Jewish culture. It was separated from the rest of the city by a ten-foot wall. You can learn about the history of the area on a tour led by a historian. While you’re there, you can visit the Jewish Ghetto Memorial and Mila 18, the headquarters of the ZOB.

Another popular spot in Warsaw is the Skaryszew Park. Located on the right bank of the Vistula River, this 55-hectare park is home to a number of historic monuments and sculptures. You’ll also find many walking trails and ponds. There’s even a waterfall and rose garden.

The botanical garden is a small oasis of shaded benches. The garden is home to thousands of different species of plants. In addition, the garden includes a chapel dating back to the 1700s. There’s also an interactive museum dedicated to the renowned scientist, Maria Sklodowska-Curie.

Royal Castle

The Warsaw Royal Castle was the official residence of the Polish monarchs for centuries. It is located on Castle Square, at the entrance to the historic old town of Warsaw. It is an impressive building that is well worth a visit. The Royal Castle offers an interesting history and is a beautiful attraction for a day trip to Warsaw.

The gardens at the Royal Castle are a great place to explore. The king was a huge fan of plants and gardens, and he moved to Warsaw from the horticultural tradition in Prague, Vienna, and Italy. You can even find trees in pots, and you can take a stroll in one of the courtyards.

The Warsaw Castle is home to numerous museums and exhibitions about Poland’s history. The main facade of the castle is 90 metres long and features square towers with bulbous spires. At the centre of the main facade is Sigismund’s Tower, which was built in the 17th century. It was a symbol of the city, and its architecture is still recognizable today. The castle serves as a museum and is the venue for many state meetings and official visits.

In addition to the museum’s permanent exhibits, the Royal Castle in Warsaw is home to a number of temporary exhibitions. The museum’s new exhibit, “An Architectural History of the Royal Castle in Warsaw,” features artwork by Ignacy Krasicki, one of Poland’s most famous painters.

The Royal Castle, also known as Wawel Castle, was built in the 14th century as a wooden stronghold. The castle was later expanded to become one of Europe’s most beautiful royal palaces. It served as the residence of the Polish president for a while. In the early 19th century, the castle was ravaged by the Nazis during the Warsaw Uprising, but was restored and remodeled after the war.


If you’re visiting Warsaw, you might be wondering what to do in the city’s museums. You’ll have plenty of options. But if you want to get your hands dirty and explore more than just art, you should take some time to visit the Katyn Massacre Museum. This free museum is a great way to learn more about the events that occurred in Warsaw during World War II. It includes many realistic exhibits, including a Consolidated B-24 Liberator plane and a replica of the sewers where insurgents would hide. In addition, there’s a free audioguide that you can use to learn more about the exhibits.

The Museum Station in Warsaw is a museum housed in a former railway station. It took over the collections of the Railway Museum when it closed down in march 2016. Currently located in a temporary location, it plans to move to a new location in Odolony. The museum’s collection is displayed in four exhibition rooms and an outdoor exhibition. Admission is free on Mondays and Thursdays.

The POLIN Museum is another museum worth visiting in Warsaw. This museum commemorates the memory of over 22,000 Polish citizens who were murdered by the Soviet secret police in the Spring of 1940. Half of the people killed were policemen and soldiers, while the other half were civilians. This tragedy took place because the secret police wanted to control Poland’s future.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is located in the State Park in Warsaw. This open square was once the headquarters of the Jewish resistance group ZOB, which was led by Mordechaj Anielewicz. Nazi soldiers discovered the group’s headquarters in the Warsaw Ghetto and surrounded the encampment. As a result, many survivors surrendered to the Nazis. The majority of resistance leaders chose suicide rather than be captured. The Warsaw Ghetto was destroyed during World War II. The tomb now houses a commemorative obelisk.


The parks in Warsaw, Poland are a great place to relax and have fun. The city is home to some great attractions, including the Multimedia Fountain Park, which features two spectacular water fountains that can pump out 30,000 liters of water per minute. These fountains are illuminated by 295 LED floodlights, and you can also catch a concert or two there. The park is located in Old Town, a popular tourist destination.

Krasinski Park is one of the oldest parks in Warsaw, covering about 8% of the city’s area. This park was founded in 1676, and is situated a short distance from the Royal Castle. It is a great place to relax and get a feel for the city. You can also visit the Krasinski Palace, which houses special collections of the National Library.

The Warsaw Garden is an oasis of greenery in the city, located near Old Town and Marszalkowska Street. The park has over 450 exhibits, including a planetarium where you can enjoy an astronomy show. There are also several museums in the city, including the National Museum, which dates back to 1862 and has survived several phases. These museums preserve the Polish history and legacy. There are 830,000 exhibits from all over the world and a massive encyclopedia collection.

Chopin Park is a huge attraction, with many sculptures dedicated to the composer. The park is also great for outdoor activities, and has a great natural scenery. Chopin Park is one of the most interesting characters in Warsaw.

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