Things to Do in Brookville, Pennsylvania

Brookville is a borough in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, about 80 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. It is the county seat and was founded in 1830. Its population was 3,933 at the 2010 census. If you’re looking for things to do in Brookville, there are many options.

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Brookville is located in Butler County. Its history dates back to 1846, when the English family moved to the area. They were prominent citizens in business and politics. One member of the family, Edmund English, served one term in the Pennsylvania legislature and is now engaged in the foundry business. Another member of the family, Daniel English, is an architect and built the town’s school and courthouse. He later moved to Allegheny County. He currently owns a residence on Main street.

Originally, Brookville wasn’t a very large area. A portion of the area was sold to Dr. James Dowling, who then divided the land for Mr. Dougherty. He chose the west half of the tract and portion of the property that is adjacent to the borough limits.

The town’s economy was largely based on the lumber industry. Its creeks provided a rich environment for lumber mills and allowed the timber to be floated to Pittsburgh. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Brookville grew and flourished, attracting several factories, breweries, and other businesses. In addition, Brookville served as a major stop on the railroad carrying local coal. It was also briefly home to the Twyford Motor Car Company, which produced the world’s first four-wheel-drive automobile.

In 1874, a fire broke out in Brookville, Pennsylvania. The fire spread throughout East Main street from Pickering to Mill street. The Franklin House, which was on Pickering street, was destroyed with most of its furniture. The Franklin House and Nicholson Hall, which were both owned by the Nicholson family, were also destroyed. The building also had the Masonic Hall.

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