The Rise of Social Media Bots

A message box is basically any computer program which facilitates chat or actions on messaging platforms such as Facebook. Messenger Bots go by many other names such as chat bot, chatting bot, etc. The idea is basically the same. Many strategic and forward-thinking companies are choosing Facebook Messenger as their new bot platform of choice.

message bot

The major benefit to Facebook Messenger is that it is a personalised marketing strategy. This enables marketers to build relationships with customers. For instance, a marketer may create a profile for a consumer and invite them to a friend that person or comment on a status update. Once a relationship has been established through the introduction of a message bot or Facebook page on the consumers’ profiles, marketers can begin to engage in conversation with this consumer and prospecting for sales.

One aspect of Messenger Bot is that it does not require any HTML or PHP knowledge. Consumers will still be able to interact with the bot through typing in their messages. The marketers only need to send out a Facebook message box with a link to their webpage where they will be able to continue interacting with the prospect. As soon as a prospect clicks on the link and logs into the website, the marketers can begin speaking to their prospect. This is a very personalised method of communicating with prospects, which is what the majority of companies are looking for today.

However, if you are not familiar with using Facebook bot platforms, the process is actually quite simple. You will be given a link to your webpage where you will be able to insert the link to your messenger bot. Once you have inserted this link, you can begin composing messages and adding relevant information about the company and its products to your Facebook page.

Bot makers have now released two different types of chat bots that will assist marketers with their marketing strategies. These are the Facebook chat bots along with the Facebook face book bot. The first bot is specifically geared towards Facebook user interaction. As you may know, Facebook has become one of the largest social networking websites in the world with more than 500 million active users. As a result of its popularity, many marketers are leveraging its platform to reach potential customers.

The second messenger bot is created for the Facebook webmaster community. This bot enables marketers to set up a Facebook page for their clients where they can connect with other users and conduct live conversations. The message bot allows users to initiate and join conversations with other people in the network without the need of having an actual contact. By providing a welcome message and indicating that you want to be the bot’s friend, you are automatically added as a friend to this person and all conversations that are conducted through the bot will be broadcast to your fan page.

Due to the increased popularity of these two types of message bots, there are now hundreds of third party developers who have created their own versions of these programs. As a result, more choices are now available to the marketer. In fact, most of the third party services allow the marketer to customize the bot to meet their specific needs. However, most marketers find that it is better to choose a service with both face book and Facebook functionality so that their customers have the ability to use these two platforms easily.

The rise of these messaging application programs is a clear indication of the growing demand for personalized customer service and the need for businesses to adapt to this trend. The increased interaction with customers on the internet, by utilizing these customer service tools, is creating a positive feedback system for businesses. In turn, the rise of bot based Facebook and Twitter applications is making it easier for businesses to tap into the social media marketing potential. If you haven’t already tapped into this lucrative customer service trend, now is the time to do so! With a little ingenuity and creativity, your business can enjoy the additional social media marketing opportunities that these messaging software programs provide.

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