Plant Organization Ideas For Your Houseplant Collection

There are many different ways to organize your houseplants. One way is to group plants in odd numbers. Another method is to group plants by width or length. These ideas are easy to implement and will help you make the most of your plant collection. Read on to learn more! The Organized Home has many helpful posts on Plant Organization.

Organize houseplants in an odd number

If you’re planning to arrange your houseplants, consider grouping them in odd numbers. Odd numbers look more casual than even numbers and create a more organic look. Also, plants with varying sizes and shapes add interest and harmony. Even numbers can be too uniform, making the arrangement look too formal.

Group plants in different lengths

Choosing plants with contrasting heights and sizes is a great way to create an organic shape. It can also draw the eye to a certain area. The eye naturally follows the line of the plant, so grouping plants of varying lengths and shapes will help highlight that feature. You can also group plants with similar shapes to draw the eye toward a particular feature.

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