Places to Go in Spiro, Oklahoma

The Spiro Mounds Archaeological Center is located just northeast of Spiro, Oklahoma. It is a National Historic Landmark and an archeological state park. There are special tours offered to visitors. It is closed on state holidays. In addition to the museum, there are a variety of other attractions and restaurants to choose from in Spiro.

Spiro Mounds is Oklahoma’s only pre-contact Native American site

The Spiro Mounds were built by the people of the earliest Choctaw Nation. However, the area surrounding the mounds did not become a permanent settlement until 1832, when the Choctaw Nation was forced to move from Alabama and Mississippi to the Indian Territory. At the time, they recognized the mounds as the remnants of an ancient civilization, but did not practice farming on the mounds. In addition, they were forbade by the Choctaw Nation to dig on their land, and thus most of the items were never returned.

The Spiro Mounds were once the ceremonial center for the Mississippian Culture. They were a loosely aligned confederation of mound-building nations. This tribe comprised three million people from 60 tribes, and spoke 30 different languages.

The Spiro Mounds Archeological Center, operated by the Oklahoma Historical Society, is a great place to learn more about the past. The museum displays artifacts from the Spiro Mounds, including tools, blankets, and human remains.

The Spiro Mounds are one of Oklahoma’s most important pre-contact Native American sites. The site includes approximately 150 acres of land and twelve mounds. The site was inhabited from 850 to 1450 AD, and was an important cultural center. The Spiro people were influential throughout the Southeast, and the site provided them a natural gateway. The Spiro people have a rich cultural heritage that has not yet been fully explored.

Spiro Mounds was the center of an extensive trade network, an advanced religious center, and the political seat of prehistoric Native Americans. Eventually, the modern settlers came to the area and discovered the site. But later, during the Great Depression, looters pillaged it. This site was created by a civilization that has long since disappeared.

It is Oklahoma’s only archeological state park

The Spiro Mounds, in eastern Oklahoma, are the only archaeological state park in the nation. This site is part of the Mississippian-Caddoan culture, and lies in the floodplain of the Arkansas River. The park preserves this important site for the public.

The park’s 150-acre archeological site contains 12 earthen mounds. The park has trails and guides to help visitors learn about this ancient culture. There are also reconstructed Native American buildings and ceremonial centers. You can even visit a native American village.

The Spiro Mounds Archaeological State Park opened to the public on May 9, 1978. The site contains the remains of an ancient Mississippian civilization that flourished from the Atlantic coast to the Rocky Mountains. During this time, Spiro, Oklahoma, became a cultural center for the Mississippian people. Excavations and research conducted by researchers at the Spiro Mounds Archaeological Center have revealed the ruins of 12 artifact-filled mounds.

The Spiro Mounds site is one of the richest cultural resources in the state. The site contains over 150 acres of land, twelve mounds, and an elite village area. The area was inhabited until around AD 1450. This ancient culture developed economic, religious, and political ties with people from the Gulf of California and the coast of Virginia.

It offers special tours

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It is a small but beautiful tourist destination

If you’re looking for a small city getaway, consider visiting Spiro, Oklahoma. It’s small enough to be overlooked by most visitors, but there are plenty of fun things to do here. Despite its small size, Spiro is an upcoming tourist destination with plenty to offer visitors. Whether you want to spend the day hiking around the town or relax in a secluded area, Spiro is a unique place worth visiting.

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