Hayes Center is a small community with BIG opportunity

Hayes Center, Nebraska, is a small community that is full of opportunity and a slower pace of life. The town has three high-speed Internet providers (Wireless Inet, BW Telcom, and Great Plains Communications). These providers provide the infrastructure for home-based businesses to thrive. The area also boasts two major cellular networks that provide 4G coverage.

The climate is primarily temperate and there is a dry and wet season. The wetter season lasts 4.3 months, with June having the most precipitation. Snow-free days are rare. The dry season lasts 7.7 months.

Hayes Center has a mild winter climate, with temperatures generally hovering around 40 degrees. However, the cold season lasts only 3.1 months. The coldest month is January, with an average low of 17 degrees. The wettest month of the year is June, with an average of 3.0 inches.

Hayes Center enjoys hot summers and clear winters. The temperatures typically range from 16degF to 90degF, and rarely drop below 1degF or go above 99degF. From June to mid-August, Hayes Center has a clear climate with an average daily high temperature of 79degF. The warmest months are July and August, with the clearest months occurring during the third week of July.

It has a median home price of $69,100

The median home price in HAYES CENTER, Nebraska is $69,100. This price is low compared to other communities in Nebraska and the US. The area is largely rural, with a high percentage of farms. The median age in the community is 36.8 years, and there are no high-rise buildings.

It has a bank

In Hayes Center, Nebraska, you’ll find a Pinnacle Bank. The bank has 1 office in Hayes Center, as well as several other nearby cities. All the branches are within 21 miles of the town. For more information, you can call or visit the bank’s website. You can also read customer reviews about the bank.

Hayes Center, Nebraska, is located in Hayes County and is the county seat. The community is well-known for being a hub for justice. It is home to three banks, a post office, two newspapers, and a county building.

It has camping

If you are camping in Hayes Center, Nebraska, you will want to plan your trip accordingly. There are a number of nearby attractions and cities you can visit that can be easily reached by car. These attractions are typically within an hour’s drive. To avoid the hassle of navigating the roads to get to your destination, you should visit a local road conditions website before your trip.

Camp Hayes State Wildlife Area is located just 12 miles from Hayes Center. This area offers excellent hunting and fishing opportunities. It also features hiking trails and family picnics. Visiting the area can also be a great way to observe nature up close. Hunting permits are available at the Hayes County clerk’s office.

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