How to Use Black Truffle Salt in Your Daily Diet

truffle salt

How to Use Black Truffle Salt in Your Daily Diet

Truffle is a new type of salt that has recently gained some attention. It is also commonly called truffle salt, truffle de la meridien, or just truffle. It is an alternative salt that is made from the ground bones of the French truffle tree. Because of the great demand for this product, many manufacturers have risen in recent years, and prices have fallen since. So what is Truffle Salt exactly?

Truffle is derived from the Latin word “truffles” which means hair of grass. The next closest word is “laurel”, which comes from a French word that means “grass”. Because of its unique truffle flavor, truffle salt has become especially popular in France. As compared to other truffle salt products, truffle salt tends to be less salty in taste and odor, but that is not necessarily a negative thing.

In addition to using truffle salt on sandwiches and other food items, it can also be used in many different cooking methods. You can make delicious meals using it. You can also use it in a variety of baking recipes. In fact, one of the hottest baking recipes that you can try right now involves using truffles in place of regular sugar in any number of delicious recipes. Here are a few suggestions.

Salads are a popular way to enhance the flavors of fruits and vegetables. Instead of using mayonnaise or additional salad dressings, try substituting truffles for the extra flavor and texture. Likewise, instead of using shredded lettuce, try using chopped truffles. Another excellent combination for salads is to use shredded asparagus or mushrooms along with your sea salt and baking soda.

For an extremely rich, sweet and exotic flavor in an espresso shot, you can use dark truffles in the place of regular sugar. The coffee will become rich and the aroma of the espresso will be truly sensational. For a darker coffee flavor, try adding sage leaves to the espresso and let it sit for a bit. This will add a wonderful depth of flavor to your coffee. The sage will also add a wonderful aroma to your drinking experience.

Coffee lovers who want to keep the aroma of their coffee fresh should consider using truffles. The light, unsalted flavor of black truffles in your coffee is very rich and the aroma will linger long after the espresso is finished brewing. Try sprinkling some black truffles over your morning coffee or use them in the place of sugar-loaded creamer. The unsalted, no-sugar-added flavor of black truffles is great for those who don’t like too much sweetness in their coffee. Add some to a warm tea to get the ultimate, once-in-a-lifetime coffee taste.

Truffles are not just for coffee, however. They make terrific additions to soups and stews, sauces and chili. If you love spicy chili, put some truffle salt on the top and let it cool before using it in your meals. The intense flavor of the salt will burn your nostrils if you are trying to eat it. However, it is one of the most enjoyable attributes of black truffle salt that you can’t ignore.

You can even sprinkle the top of your baked potatoes with truffle salt before you add them to the hot griddle. When you have a dish that is loaded with flavor, it really is hard to turn down a dish that is loaded with truffle salt. Whether you use it in the context of a sauce or atop a steak, you will enjoy the intense flavor of the salt. It is almost as addictive as the flavor of the chocolate-coated espresso beans. Give it a try next time you are in a pinch, and discover what I mean!

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