How To Replace Jasper AI & SurferSEO Without Adding Another Subscription With Brain Pod AI

Having been a long-time user of SurferSEO and Jasper AI, I’ve been wanting to replace both of them with a solution that’s more cost-effective and easy to integrate. I’ve recently been looking into options and thought I’d write a quick article to share my findings.

Keyword analyser

Previously, the AI Writer Document Editor was a subscription service, but you no longer have to pay for it. Its AI-enhanced features include an AI picture generator and a built-in SEO mode. It can also generate full blog posts in minutes. You can even post your creation directly to your website. You can also use the tool for research, including keyword optimization. In addition, the company offers a 17% discount on all plans if you pay for the year in advance.

The Brain Pod AI Writer Document Editor can generate full blog posts in seconds. It’s also capable of creating images and content simultaneously. It can also help you find relevant keywords and rank your articles in the search engines. It’s also a well-designed app with a lot of useful features. Among its many useful functions are keyword research, image optimization, and the capability to post directly to your website. Its most impressive feature is the AI-enhanced image generator.

Editing tools

Using editing tools for replacing Jasper AI & SurferSEO without adding another subscription with Brain Pod AI can help you write unique content, improve SEO, and generate content at scale. If you are just getting started with blogging, you can test the waters with the free Starter Plan. It will give you access to the basic features of the service, including Boss Mode.

The Jasper Bootcamp series of video lessons will show you how to use the tool and teach you best practices. They are short, easy to follow lessons that will get you up to speed quickly.

You can also access webinars to learn more about the tool. They are free to attend. You will be shown how other creators are using Jasper. You will also learn how to save and use your own recipes. These recipes can be customized with instructions. Jasper will also read your commands and execute them.

The Jasper AI can write unique copy for multiple platforms. It is also capable of writing creative copy in more than 25 languages. It can generate content at scale, help writers produce more sales copy, and automate the creative process.


Using Surfer and Jasper AI can be a very powerful combination, but they can be tricky to integrate. Here are a few things to remember.

You must enable third-party cookies for Jasper AI. Then, you’ll need to enter your SurferSEO account information. Lastly, you’ll need to enter your address and zip code. You can then start using the tool.

The most powerful feature of Jasper is its long-form editor. This allows you to create content that will be plagiarism-free and SEO-friendly. It can create fresh content and keyword-rich content. It can also help you generate ideas for sales.

Jasper also supports over 25 output languages. You can use it to write content for blogging, sales, and tone of voice. It also helps copywriters with ideas for marketing content. Jasper also has templates for different use cases. You can create blog posts with up to 2,500 words.

You can also create images and content at the same time. This is great if you want to post something on your website directly from the tool.

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