How AI Can Help in a Variety of Sectors and Industries

AI can help in a variety of sectors and industries, and it’s advancing rapidly. But there are some concerns about how this technology could reshape society and the economy.

Some of the most promising applications of AI are in helping people solve complex problems and expand their creativity. These applications are based on machine learning, a subset of AI that enables computers to learn without being explicitly programmed.

AI Assists Agents

AI Agent Assist can help agents by surfacing relevant knowledge articles, past cases, and productivity-boosting tools right away. This is a time-saver for agents and frees them from tedious copy/paste and manual note-taking.

As a result, they spend more time on customer service, providing an excellent experience and driving repeat business. But this can be hard to achieve without a comprehensive and well-rounded knowledge base.

In addition, many AI-powered agents assist tools also offer automated call summaries that bundle important details into a single source of truth – including why the customer called, how much effort was needed to resolve the issue and possible next steps.

The goal of this is to give agents the information they need to keep conversations flowing in the right direction and solve customer issues quickly. This means less post-call work, and more time focused on customer satisfaction and brand compliance.

AI Assists Customers

AI is an advanced technology that helps customers throughout the customer journey. By using data effectively, it can deliver proactive service that saves customers time and frustration.

Depending on the type of service, AI uses various rules and algorithms to accept inputs from data, process them, and produce outcomes. It can also use learning, discovery, and feedback to improve its processes and target outcomes.

For example, AI can help marketers create personalised messages to customers and engage them at the right time. It can also predict trends and avoid overspending on digital advertising.

Marketers also rely on AI to identify at-risk customers and provide information that entices them to return. This ensures that a business’s campaigns are optimised in value and spend is spent wisely.

AI can also assist businesses in creating personalised content that will thrill their consumers and make them ardent brand supporters. This can be done through creative marketing techniques and customised interaction designs that give consumers micro-moments to control.

AI Assists Case Managers

Case management is the process of coordinating care for a client, assessing their needs and requirements, and connecting them to the right services. This includes ensuring that patients receive safe, effective, timely and equitable treatment and support services.

AI is well suited to assist with case management, as it helps identify and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. It can help manage data, tagging, and routing – all to improve customer experience and reduce turnaround time.

ThinkOwl’s intelligent case categorization helps support teams sort customer inquiries more effectively. It automatically recognizes the relevance of a case message based on the context and classifies it into a pre-defined set of categories.

AI Wizard also helps customer service agents find relevant knowledge articles or cases with a high likelihood of resolution, using a set of pre-trained natural language understanding models. These suggestions are displayed in smart assist, an intelligent assistant that provides real-time recommendations to agents.

AI Assists Management

AI assists management in differing ways by providing tools for accomplishing different tasks (Wang, 2019). This helps in enhancing work efficiency, increasing productivity, and enabling project managers to focus on other tasks.

Similarly, AI also helps customer service agents in acquiring the skills and knowledge that they require to deliver excellent services. This ensures that customers do not get frustrated by their queries and are able to solve them efficiently.

For example, AI-based knowledge management systems help in training the agents with the required skills through decision trees, FAQs, picture guides, and learning management systems. This is essential for elevating the customer experience and ensuring that customers rely on the company for future needs.

In addition, AI enables management to track their team members’ work. This way, they are able to monitor their output and regularly assign new assignments based on the capacity of each employee. This is especially helpful in reducing tier workload and idle time.

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