Best Places to Visit in Reading, Pennsylvania

When visiting Reading, Pennsylvania, you will find many unique places to see and explore. From an Egyptian mummy to works by Degas, this southern Pennsylvania city has much to offer its visitors. The city also boasts a planetarium, an arboretum, and the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, which features military and vintage planes. Other areas to visit in Reading include the Nolde Forest, which features woodlands, and the Daniel Boone Homestead, which is a historic landmark.

Fairgrounds Farmers Market

If you love visiting markets, Fairgrounds Farmers Market is one of the places to visit in Reading, Pennsylvania. There are many vendors and fresh produce for sale. Many of the items on sale are locally made. You’ll find items ranging from fresh produce to ice cream. And, the staff is friendly and helpful. The market is a great place to pick up local produce and gifts for friends and family.

Fairgrounds Farmers Market is a great place to buy produce and groceries. You’ll be able to find everything you need for your kitchen, including farm-fresh produce. In addition to local produce, you’ll find specialty shops, fitness gadgets, and a variety of other products. And if you like to eat healthy, you’ll be able to find chicken free of antibiotics and preservatives at Fairgrounds Farmers Market.

Reading has an eclectic mix of culture and history. During the 19th century, Reading was home to the Crystal Palace Market, a renowned market in the city. The name was chosen in honor of the Crystal Palace at the World’s Fair in 1871. Its building resembled a rose and featured iron columns originating from the second market pavilion on Penn Square.

If you want to enjoy the local culture, Reading is home to many museums. The Reading Public Museum was established in 1913 and was once known as the Reading Public Museum and Art Gallery. The museum was started with donated materials by Dr. Levi Mengel.

You can also sample some delicious local cuisine from the Farmers Market Café. This renowned eatery serves breakfast and lunch. The Café can even cook eggs to order and prepare scrapple. The menu also includes sandwiches and soup. The food at the market is excellent and the prices are reasonable.

Mid-Atlantic Air Museum

The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum is an aircraft restoration facility and aviation museum located at the Reading Regional Airport. The museum specializes in vintage aircraft and restoration. Its mission is to preserve and promote aircraft culture. Founded in 1948, the museum houses approximately 50 aircraft.

The museum has the largest collection of vintage aircraft in Pennsylvania, and the exhibits and displays are always changing. Its collection spans over several acres, with many planes on display. During the World War II weekend air show, the museum also offers rides in vintage North American SNJ jets, which were Navy versions of the AT-6 Texan.

The museum has exhibits spanning eight decades of air travel. Visitors can explore pilot uniforms, WWII bomber items, and commercial travel memorabilia. Some of the museum’s planes tour the country during summer months, so make sure to call ahead to find out when the next airshow is.

If you’re planning a trip to Reading, Pennsylvania, the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum is a must. The museum is located at Reading Regional Airport and is one of the largest aircraft museums in Pennsylvania. Visitors can enjoy the museum’s collection of airworthy aircraft, including a restored Grumman TBM and a fully operational B-25 Mitchell bomber. Other airplanes on display include a Vultee BT-13, two Stearman trainers, and a Pitts Special. The museum is open daily, and there is a guide available if you want a tour.

The museum is open daily, from 9:30am to 4pm. Guided tours are available and will allow you to see as many planes as possible during your tour. The museum is currently restoring a P-61 Black Widow, which will be the only flying P-61 in the world when completed. The museum also has a restaurant on the field. Visitors can also take virtual photo tours of the museum’s collection.

Berks History Center

If you want to learn more about the rich history of Berks County, you’ll want to visit the Berks History Center. Its exhibits include more than 20,000 items. During your visit, you’ll see everything from period railroad cars to art and documents. You’ll even have the opportunity to see a turn-of-the-century automobile. The museum also houses a library with extensive resources for genealogical research.

The Berks History Center has exhibits that trace Pennsylvania Dutch history, as well as vintage items found nearby. Its entrance fee is reasonable and parking is convenient. Plus, it has a pleasing gift shop. The museum’s top floor is full of relics from Reading’s past. You can also take in a movie at the nearby Digiplex of Fairgrounds Square.

If you love the outdoors, you can also visit the covered bridges in Reading. There are five of them in the city, including Wertz’s Covered Bridge. You can also walk the trails in the area and see historic buildings. The bridge itself is quite stunning and spans Tulpehocken Creek.

Berks County was an important stop along the Underground Railroad. In addition to the history museum, you can also tour the Berks County African American Museum in a historic church. The museum’s exhibits explore the history of the slave trade, as well as the achievements of African Americans in the county. There is even a hole where escaped slaves could hide.

The Berks History Center has a vast collection of photographs, books, and paintings. The museum houses more than 20,000 objects. It also has an aviation museum. The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, which opened in the 1980s, is one of the largest aviation museums in the state.

Angora Fruit Farm

The Angora Fruit Farm is a popular place to take the family, but it is also a place that kids can learn about environmental education. There is a natural spring that is accessible for bathing and swimming. In addition to the farm, you can visit Antietam Lake Park, which spans six hundred and forty-three acres and doubles Reading’s park system’s size. The park also contains meandering streams, mature forests, naturalized meadows, and demonstration gardens.

Angora Fruit Farm is located on Angora Rd and Hill Rd. The farm was founded in 1902 and is part of the Berks County Parks and Recreation Department. It recently installed a floating island in their pond, thanks to a grant from Schuylkill Highlands and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

The Fairgrounds Farmers Market features a variety of vendors and shops selling everything from fried shrimp to Mediterranean salads. You can also find a great variety of fruit and vegetables here. You can also buy various groceries, snacks, and meats.

The Genesius Theatre, 153 N 10th Street, is another popular place to visit in Reading, PA. It is a great place to see a play if you’re a lover of the arts. In addition, the Fairgrounds Farmers Market is a great place to buy farm-fresh produce. Besides the arts, the Fairgrounds Farmers Market also has a fitness store and specialty shops. You can find farm-fresh fruit and vegetables here at prices that are very affordable.

Another place you should visit when visiting Reading, Pennsylvania is the Reading Pagoda. It is a seven-story wooden building that has a unique, historical significance. It is located on the south end of Mount Penn and is an iconic landmark in the area. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of Reading from here.

William Penn Memorial Fire Tower

The William Penn Memorial Fire Tower is one of the top places to visit in Reading, Pennsylvania. This fire observation tower was built in 1939 and is managed by Pagoda-Skyline, Inc. It stands 983 feet above the center of the city and the Schuylkill River. It has a total elevation of 1239 feet and is open to the public one Saturday a month.

The William Penn Memorial Fire Tower is a 120-foot-tall observation tower that provides some of the best views of the city and rolling Berks County hills. It was originally built for fire safety purposes, but has since been used for a variety of other purposes. It has a 120-step steel staircase leading to the observation deck, and visitors can get a 360-degree view. The tower’s recent restoration has made it safe for visitors to climb.

The tower features a shield of the William Penn family in the entry wall. The exterior of the tower is adorned with colorful tiling and brick-and-stone designs. All of the stone used to construct the tower was local to the area. The tower has macadam walkways on both sides and a picnic area.

The Pagoda, a Japanese-style building, is another landmark to visit in Reading. Located on Mount Penn, this edifice has become a familiar symbol of Reading. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.

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